R-ROSACE: adding redundancy to the ROSACE case study


In the aeornautical domain, simulation is becom- ing more and more important in the development and validation of systems, as well as for its usage in pilote training. Generally speaking, a simulation of a Cyber- Physical System is an aggregation of models belong- ing to the physical world (for instance, the flight dy- namic), and models belonging to the discrete world (for instance, controllers). Those models being inter- conected. Irrespective of the quality of the models simulated, their executions and interactions must reflect the real- ity sufficiently well to be considered representative. The goal of this paper is to introduce an extension to the ROSACE case study by taking into account con- trollers redundancy. We named this new case study R-ROSACE (R for redundant). R-ROSACE will allow a deeper study on communication and execution of simulated embedded systems, as well as their interac- tions with the simulated physical world. Keywords — simulation, scheduling, CPS